The Company “i 4 MARIANI” is so called because of the 4 brothers that established it on 1957; it is really a family operated company. Now, with the third generation coming soon, each member of the family contributes their own particular competence to provide a role in a well tested mechanism.

The 4 founding fathers are assisted by their 8 daughters and sons; this unique family environment is also supported by important international designers. Since the foundation of the firm, i 4 Mariani has always offered furnishings of contemporary taste never being fashion-victims. The production is focused on two main families: products for the home such as sofas, armchairs, beds, dining chairs, shelf units, dining tables and low tables and products for the office such as desks, conference tables, cabinets, armchairs, drawers units, wall and equipped partitions. All these items are dedicated to everyone who loves comfort combined with the finest materials and finishing that are cared for down to the smallest detail with handicraft care, yet made to last without need of service for decades.

These characteristics of quality are guaranteed by a production process that is counter to that of most of the other companies. i 4 Mariani realize almost 100% of the production inside of the company, from the wooden to the steel frame, to the semi-finished, to the final upholstery and so on. For this reason, the Company is able to make constant and complete checks of quality during all the different phases of production, which results in very few complaints from customers after the sale.

State-of-the-art manufacturing technology plus a strong handicraft tradition make the Company products unmistakable in their essential design, durability and quality of working and finishes.

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