Extremis was founded in 1994. Dirk Wynants’ first brainchild was the multifunctional garden table Gargantua, which has in the meantime become a true design classic. In less than five years time Extremis managed to secure a solid position on the international design market. Major contributor to this success was the Extempore range, introducing the combination of wood and aluminium, which is still very popular today. Although Extremis mainly focuses on the outdoor furniture market, several of its products have turned out to be perfectly at home indoors as well. Right from the start, Extremis has resolutely chosen to focus on export. Today exports account for 78% of the total turnover. Extremis is especially popular in its neighbouring countries, as well as in the United States and the Middle East.

Several designs are patented proving that Extremis is not only about design but also and primarily about technological innovation. “Design follows function” is much more than just a slogan for Extremis. Extremis takes pride in delivering each order to the end customer no more than two weeks from the order date. Stock management represents a considerable cost for Extremis, but as outdoor furniture is a seasonal product, it is also the company’s real strength.

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