In 40 years in the business, Puntotre Arredobagno has grown considerably in terms of production volumes and the variety of our product range. With the extension of their manufacturing site and considerable investment in new machinery, in 1991 Puntotre became one of the leading companies in the bathroom furniture business. Care and attention to detail, continuous research into materials and innovation in terms of form, constant development of new lines and a discerning aesthetic sense.

These are the main qualities that have made Puntotre something of a benchmark for anyone wanting to inject style into their bathroom project. The modular nature of the units allows for extreme flexibility in design, allowing you to create a bathroom “tailored” to your individual requirements. With a range of over 300 standard finishes, wall cabinets and vanities of all kinds and a huge selection of bathroom accessories, including lighting, mirrors, custom basins, bathtubs and shower trays, Puntotre offers an unrivalled array of custom options. And with the use of innovative, increasingly efficient materials, they can create the ideal product to suit any bathroom project and personal taste.

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